Rock Pasta Reviews: Why Greta Van Fleet Will Save Rock N’ Roll

It’s Been A Long Time Since We “REALLY” Rock N’ Roll!

It has been nearly four decades since Led Zeppelin renounced their throne in the world of rock n’ roll and since then, countless of bands and solo artists tried to keep the flame alive, they were rocking it hard and putting a lot of swaggers. Remember Kingdom Come and Whitesnake during the ’80s when both groups were somehow called out by Led Zeppelin’s frontman Robert Plant for sounding just like them. While in the 90’s, grunge bands like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam tried to save of what is left of rock n’ roll, but they failed because somehow the influence was likely apparent.

Now, we’re in the 21st century, and sad to say (in my personal opinion) Rock N’ Roll is in need of saving. There are now fewer descent bands than usual in our day and age, unlike before during the ’60s or ’70s and even the ’80s. We’ve been looking for someone to save the classic rock sound that we used to love, though there are many awesome revival bands, that’s all they’re going to be as “revival bands.”

And Now Here It Goes, Enter Greta Van Fleet…..

From Frankenmuth, Michigan, a four-piece who has emerged out of from nowhere, blues-rock influenced who are selling out shows and reaping a lot of reviews and headlines in Rolling Stone Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Joshua Kiszka as the lead singer, Jacob Kiszka as the lead guitarist (they are twin brothers), with the younger brother Sam on the bass and keyboard and longtime family friend Danny Wagner on drums. “These kids will save rock n’ roll.

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Looking back to some of the legendary bands of the 70’s, 80’s, and some from the early 90’s, Greta Van Fleet, I believe, will increase the longevity of rock n’ roll as they’ve revived the true classic rock sound. If you’re looking for great bands, within the rock n’ roll spectrum, from this “shitty” generation, who are keeping the genre, we so much love, alive by making great rocking music even if you might say that they sound so much alike to Led Zeppelin, you should really check them out: “Greta Van Fleet.” This is the time where we get to bury all that Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, and some other shits.

Have a listen to their song called “Safari Song,” the first track on their eight-song double EP “From The Fires, you will definitely have that taste and excitement. As youngbloods, they sure sound mature, and that is the thing we call “Real Music” – No Auto-Tune, nor Fake Drums Synthesizers. In my humble personal opinion, this is really the beginning of a much-needed ROCK REVIVAL! Rock N’ Roll Will Never Die! Greta Van Fleet will now carry the torch “Back to the Future.