Rockstars Elton John Can’t Stand

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Elton John has a well-documented reputation for behaving like a diva. He is also known for speaking his mind. These are the few rockstars that he can’t stand.

To begin with, Sir Elton John is a rock mega superstar and rubs shoulders with Kings and Queens of the world, so he’s obviously elitist, not to mention that he’s a diva because glam and it’s obvious that he can’t stand new artists plastics or those that do playback because he is from the old school of Rock & Roll. That is why artists must be admired for their art, and not for their private life! 

David Bowie

David Bowie was one of his friends; but Elton believed himself to be a real queen-diva of rock and roll, so he left that friendship, but in reality, he was depressed who only hid his homosexuality when in those times Elton’s orientation was obvious but he always denied it, hiding it for what they will say, further disappointing Bowie that without fear exposed it in those times.


Bob Dylan

If there is one artist you can criticize, whether people like it or not, it is Elton John. He is by far a much better (musical) composer than almost any artist you compare him to. But Bob Dylan on his list? One of the greatest poets? Dang, that’s something I call, insecure.


Keith Richards

Keith Richards said Elton John only “wrote songs for dead blondes.” So that’s probably the reason why the immortal Keith is on his list.