Rockstars Pay Their Respects To Stan Lee

via Twitter | @PaulMcCartney


There’s no denying the influence of Stan Lee on the world of entertainment. Well, the man, created an ENTIRE UNIVERSE just by using a drawing pen and paper. Countless people all over the world mourned by the death of Stan “The Man” Lee in the 12th day of November. It was unexpected and heartbreaking. The Marvel Comics legend’s death was due to Pneumonia at 95 years of age.

Twitter Community shared their tributes and thoughts in the wake of Lee:

Musicians as well, who were in influenced by the comics legend shared some thought:

“To Stan Lee: Thank you for making my childhood so much more exciting with your astonishing superhero characters,” Gene Simmons tweeted. “Thank you for inspiring me to think and dream big. Thank you for the Hulk, Thor, Fantastic Four, and many others. You will be sadly missed. RIP.”

Marvel and KISS band had a history together as they partnered up few times, including the 1977 Super Special Comic where the band donated a vial of their blood to mix with the ink used in the comic book. Gene Simmons was also quoted back in 1979 when he was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter:

“His stories taught me that even superheroes like Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk have ego deficiencies and girl problems and do not live in their macho fantasies 24 hours a day,” he said. “Through the honesty of guys like Spider-Man, I learned about the shades of gray in human nature.”

Kirk Hammett of Metallica also paid tribute and called Lee “a visionary and a pioneer. I owe a lot to him for personally shaping my childhood fantasy worlds, my appreciation for art on all levels, & for teaching me humanness and humility through his wonderfully insightful stories. He will be missed. Long Live FOOM!”

Rob Zombie shared a photo and with him was Lee on Instagram, captioning: “Only got to meet Stan ‘the man’ Lee once but it was a fucking thrill. Marvel Comics was one of the best things I remember about being a kid. Thanks for everything. What would we have done without you? #ripstanlee #marvelcomics #spiderman #hulk #fantasticfour”