Rockstars With Their Partners Way Out Of Their League or Age Range

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When you’re a rockstar, talent and fame seem to make you even more appealing to potential partners. Whether it’s the glitz of the lifestyle or the magnetism of the music, many musicians have found themselves in relationships with partners who are either way out of their league or have a significant age gap. Let’s take a peek into the love lives of some big names from the world of pop, rock, country, and rap.

Ronnie Wood and Sally Humphries

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If you’re a seasoned rockstar like Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones, it’s not uncommon to have a partner much younger and strikingly beautiful by your side. Ronnie, the English rock musician, has set this trend in motion. He’s been known for his love of life both on and off the stage.


Bono and Ali Hewson

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Now, let’s talk about a timeless rock couple. Bono, the charismatic frontman of the Irish band U2, has been happily married to Alison Stewart since their school days. Their love story began in the ’70s and blossomed into a lasting marriage in the ’80s. Today, they’re proud parents to four kids.


Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer

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Heading over to the country music scene, we find Luke Bryan, the singer-songwriter, who tied the knot with his wife, Caroline Boyer, in Turks and Caicos in 2006. Their love story has faced challenges, including the tragic loss of Luke’s siblings. In response, Luke and Caroline opened their hearts and home to their nieces and nephew.


Steven Tyler and Aimee Preston

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Steven Tyler, the iconic frontman of Aerosmith, is proof that age is merely a number when you’re a legendary rocker. Currently, he’s in a relationship with Aimee Preston, his former personal assistant. The couple boasts a casual 40-year age gap, proving that love knows no boundaries.


Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

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Rod Stewart, another English music legend, has shared a taste for younger partners with his fellow Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood. Rod has been married three times and has eight children with five mothers, showcasing his affinity for youthful romances.


Iggy Pop and Nina Alu

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Iggy Pop, the punk rock icon in his 70s, found love with Nina Alu, whom he met when she worked as an air stewardess. They tied the knot in 2008, and their love story continues to thrive.


Flea and Melody Ehsani

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Flea, the famed bassist from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, took a long hiatus from marriage. However, in 2019, he married designer Melody Ehsani just a month after announcing their engagement, starting a new chapter in his love life.


Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell

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When we think of Paul McCartney’s marriages, names like Linda and Heather come to mind. But for many years now, the former Beatle has been happily married to Nancy Shevell. Their love story culminated in a small ceremony in Marylebone Town Hall in 2011.


Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum / Facebook

Dave Grohl, founder of the Foo Fighters and one of the world’s wealthiest drummers, has been married twice. His love life has been a musical journey, with his first marriage lasting only three years.


Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick

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Last but not least, we can’t forget about the iconic Mick Jagger. He’s had relationships with prominent figures in the fashion and entertainment world. Since 2014, Mick’s heart has been captured by American ballet dancer Melanie Hamrick.