Rod Stewart and Elvis Costello Had A Misunderstanding After Jubillee Concert

via James-Michael Robinson /Youtube

Elvis Costello called the Platinum Party concert at the Palace “shit” and singled out Sir Rod Stewart’s performance for particular criticism.

The ‘Oliver’s Army’ creator was unimpressed by last weekend’s star-studded musical extravaganza, which featured performances from the likes of Queen, Diana Ross, George Ezra, and Elbow, and poked fun at the ‘Maggie’ singer. May’ for her widely criticized the performance of ‘Sweet Caroline’.

“The show was good, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it? No, it was shite,” the rocker said, before turning his attention to Stewart. “I mean, I know you all love him and he’s one of yours and everything, but Rod. What the fuck? I must say, listen, we all have bad nights vocally, but for fuck’s sake, Sweet fucking Caroline? Are you fucking kidding me? I mean I’ve been in show business 45 years so I do know a thing or two. How is it that nobody suggested Rod sing ‘You Wear It Well?’”

Costello later stated on social media that his criticism was directed at the song selection rather than the performance itself. “If you read my actual remark, it [was] about the wrong-headed idea of asking Sir Rod [to] pass up ‘You Wear It Well’ to lead a fucking singalong,” he explained.

Stewart responded to Costello with a tweet, saying that his “voice was rough cos of Covid. I apologize, I though it better it to make an appearance rather than let everyone down so sorry.” He then made a spectacle of Costello, saying: “By the way where’s your hair gone mate?”

In reaction, Costello informed Stewart, “you know I love you,” and stressed that he was upset with the song selection rather than the performance. “As to gigs, I had a stinker the other night in Liverpool. They come and go, like hair, which I keep sewn in my hat.”

The rocker’s spouse, Penny Lancaster, explained why Stewart performed Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” instead of one of his own singles at the jubilee event: “The BBC said Rod we need you to sing ‘Sweet Caroline,’ it’s the Queen’s favorite you have to do it so he didn’t have much of a choice.”

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