Rod Stewart’s New Album Is About To Drop!

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Stewart Is Returning With His 30th Solo Album Later This Year.

Rod Stewart is getting ready for a tour with Cyndi Lauper this coming summer, but he’s also been busy in the studio lately. Just recently, he announced that he finished work on a new album called “Blood Red Roses,” however he hasn’t yet revealed when will his new album be released. “Another Country” was his most recent album that was released last 2015.

He announced the news during his and Lauper’s interview with Kyle Meredith of Louisville’s WFPK, who asked if either of them had any new material coming out this year.

“My album’s finished,” Stewart shared. “We’re not sure when it’s coming out. It’s called Blood Red Roses. It’s absolutely fantastic. … Even I say it meself.”

According to him, there are 12 songs on the album, and 11 of those which he wrote.

“We don’t know whether we’re going to bring it out in May or June or September. There’s a big discussion going on. … It they bring it out in May and we’re on tour in June, I will be [performing songs from it on tour], otherwise I won’t. No, probably not. You know how difficult it is to try and convince people to listen to brand new songs when you’ve got so many songs that they want to hear. We’ll see how it goes.”

Stewart is considering whether he will release his album on May/June or September.