Roger Waters Raises Voice Against Police Brutality

via @Roger Waters | Youtube

Legendary musician and activist, Roger Waters, has recently taken to his official Twitter account to raise his voice against police violence following the killing of a 17-year-old teenager named Nahel Merzouk in France. The incident, which occurred in Nanterre, a suburb of Paris, has ignited widespread outrage and protests. Waters, known for his outspoken views on various political and social matters, tagged Legal Team Antiraciste in his message, urging an end to police brutality.

“Hey, Les Flicks, leave our kids alive.” – Waters Calls for Accountability

In a passionate Twitter post, Roger Waters addressed the issue of police brutality directly, calling for accountability and an end to such violence. He referred to the French police as “Les Flicks” and issued a heartfelt plea:

“Hey, Les Flicks, leave our kids alive.”

Through this phrase, Waters powerfully demanded protection for the youth and emphasized that no unarmed individual, regardless of their background, should be subjected to violence at the hands of the authorities.

Supporters Rally Behind Waters’ Stance

Roger Waters’ tweet garnered widespread support from his followers and fans who resonated with his stance against police brutality. One comment under his post expressed admiration for the musician’s advocacy:

“Once again, you stand for the weak; once again, you expose yourself to the fury of the evil.”

This comment reflects the deep admiration and respect that Waters’ advocacy elicits from individuals who share his concern for social justice and human rights.

Addressing Controversy Surrounding Waters’ Political Views

While Waters’ recent message focused on police brutality in France, some users couldn’t resist mentioning his controversial views on other geopolitical matters, including the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war. One user remarked, “Good to see Roger not spouting Russian propaganda for now.” Despite the controversies, Waters’ commitment to addressing injustice and raising awareness about pressing social issues remains evident.

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