Rumors About Rock & Roll Icons That Turned Out To Be True

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There are loads of absurd tales about our popular musicians. Well, of course, these are rock n’ roll giants that are girdled by cash and groupies and glory, so it’s hard to avoid that these people would earn up nasty stories.

We look back at the Rumors About Rock & Roll Icons That Turned Out To Be True:


The KISS Comic Book

In 1977, Marvel Comics published the initial Super Special KISS comic book and, of course, the group did not hesitate and saw this as a marketing opportunity and sold more issues.

Van Halen Banned Brown M&Ms

In addition to the epic rock guitar skills, Eddie Van Halen and his band earned a reputation in another respect: pioneering rare jockeys hired on their concert tours. M&M bowls in your backstage dressing rooms, but excluding all the browns. Yep, you heard that right. It’s true. According to a copy of a hired jockey from Van Halen’s 1982 world tour, the band insisted on a backstage supply of “Munchies” that included “M & M’s (WARNING: ABSOLUTELY NO BROWN ONES).”


Rod Stewart: Back Door Man

On a TV show, Rod Stewart took advantage of the fact that he was promoting his biography – to make some revelations that were in the book. In one of them, the musician said he used cocaine anally several times.


David Bowie and Mick Jagger Dancing in the sheets

The history of rock is full of love stories and fleeting romances based solely on carnal desire. one of the most intense relationships in rock history is definitely the love affair that Mick Jagger and David Bowie had.


Ozzy Osbourne’s Love for Birds and Bats

Considering it as an urban rock myth, the truth is that the event occurred in 1982, during a concert in Iowa when a fan threw the inert body of a bat onto the stage. The former Black Sabbath, used to excesses, thought it was rubber and bit it. Ozzy Osbourne has been known for living on the edge, and for doing unusual things, such as decapitating live birds, inhaling ants, however, his madness went to another extreme when he bit the head of a live bat.