Sammy Hagar Shares The Reason Behind The Feud With Eddie Van Halen

via Sammy Hagar / Youtube

Sammy Hagar recently talked about his former bandmate Eddie Van Halen in an interview with USA Today, expressing how much he misses him and his ability to create something new. Although Hagar has had success as a solo artist, he still looks back fondly on his time with Van Halen, calling it “something else.” When asked about the band’s split, he stated that it was a shame the way it ended, with alcohol and substances playing a role in his departure.

Hagar went on to say that he cherishes Eddie’s memory and believes that if the band were still together, they would be headlining every festival worldwide. Despite their estrangement, Hagar has a deep appreciation for his former bandmate and the time they spent together in Van Halen.

Sammy Hagar expressed that he cherished Eddie Van Halen’s memory, despite the messiness of their departure. He fondly remembered the guitarist’s creativity and intelligence while jamming together.

“I cherish him [Eddie] more than ever. What happened with us at the end was such a shame. It’s what happens when alcohol and drugs are involved, and I’m going through a divorce. It’s such a shame. If Van Halen were still together today, we’d be headlining every one of these festivals all over the world.

I miss his [Eddie’s] unique creativity. He’d play something, and I’d go, ‘What, where the hell did that come from?’ He was so out of left field, so original, that creativity always lifted me.”

Sammy Hagar reminisced about his past with Van Halen and expressed his admiration for Eddie’s musical talent while hoping to focus on the good times and forget the bad.