Selena Gomez Bought Tom Petty’s Mansion

via @NewsBOT Entertainment | Youtube

The singer, Selena Gomez has completely bought something “rare” and it’s Tom Petty’s former mansion in Los Angeles for $4.9 million.

The mansion was custom-built in 1989 for Petty and his wife, featuring eclectic tastes — a home of over 11,000 square feet. The multi-story mansion has also several secret passages including hidden rooms, with 6 bedrooms and a total of 10 bathrooms.

Petty and Jane Benyo were married in 1974, divorced in 1996, — the rockstar left the mansion to Benyo, and she had lived there until 2015. The house has been sold a few times since, and now Selena Gomez owns it after completing the purchase. 

The mansion features two master bedrooms with private balconies. A media room is also included — a yoga studio, and an outdoor pool. The property happens to be next door to a mansion owned by The Fast And The Furious star Vin Diesel.