She Sings Fleetwood Mac “Landslide”- Also Wins American Idol

Blew The Doors Off!

This twenty-year-old Maddie Poppe of Clarksville performs an emotional rendition of a song that was first recorded more than two decades before she was even born.

I’m voting for you,” said Katy Perry after Poppe’s final performance.

She definitely left a final impression with her emotional rendition of the song — that powerful voice just spoke to everyone!. You can watch the video below.

The performance was very moving, and it was definitely best of the night. If Stevie Nicks heard this, she would be extremely proud — it will immediately remind her of herself how Maddie captured the essence of the masterpiece — what if she voted for her as well? (We’ll never know.)

She even played the instrument like a boss while singing it perfectly. She found a way to teach people what real music is with her voice and musicianship. We need more someone like this, authentic, gorgeous, and extremely talented. She deserves to win this contest by a “Landslide” and be the next American Idol. And if she doesn’t get the win, well, THE ONLY REASON WOULD BE, people don’t have good taste in music.

For all classic fans out there, you will surely love this. It brings back so many amazing memories. Watch the awesome performance below.

Warning: You’ll keep replaying the video!