Singer Nails 17 Rock Singer Impersonations

via Ethan Trace / Youtube

Ethan Trace, a professional singer, did 17 rock singers’ impersonations and managed to impress his viewers on YouTube.

YouTuber is a hotbed of great talents who have traveled around the world and there are imitators with very good characterization, other imitators with a really similar voice, but there are few cases that mix the characterization with the voice. One of those few cases is that of Ethan Trace, a professional impersonator of these 17 great Rock singers. The enormous resemblance that both maintain both in voice and looks is somewhat unbelievable.

It is impossible to mention the infinity of singers that were relevant in the classic rock scene, and Ethan Trace selected 17 that was especially relevant at the time.

One of the surprises of this video was the Def Leppard imitation of Pour Some Sugar on Me, it was like listening to the studio record. So sit back and get your headphones ready, maybe there’s one song you don’t know about!

Keep going for the video below: