Does He Not Sound Almost Exactly Like Robert Plant?

Youtube / 101WKQX

If You Have Robert Plant’s Voice, Why Not Use It?

It’s not a secret that today’s music is lacking actual musical talent. From auto-tuners, to synthesizers, and that garbage electric dance music, it’s not often to come across an actual band that plays real instruments. Let alone, a classic rock sounding one. But ladies and gentlemen we have found who might be, the ones to bring back classic rock into 2018. Meet Greta Van Fleet. 3 brothers and 1 drummer who hail out of Michigan and are bringing hope to those longing for someone to bring back the good ol’ times. These guys, especially the lead singer, sound very much like Zep, but with their own twist. Does that voice really belong to Plant? Or is it what a voice at full rock-n-roll mode sounds like? Wolfmother, hello.

Yes, We Know What You’re Thinking…

Yes, we know what you’re thinking and what you might say, “They’re copying Led Zeppelin”. We get it. But they’re will never be another Led Zep, so don’t worry. Just be grateful that these kids are starting a trend that seems to be revamping little by little. One thing we noticed is how solid they are live. Some people who have commented on their Youtube videos even have said they might sound even better than the original Led Zeppelin, live! Check it out for yourself!

They’re Like ‘Baby’ Led Zeppelin

Their Other Very Classic Rock-Sounding Song

Their Official Music Video