Slash and Dolly Parton Featured On New Chris Janson Song “21 Forever”

via Chris Janson / Youtube

Renowned Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has lent his talents to country rock star Chris Janson’s latest single, “21 Forever,” featuring a special guest appearance by legendary singer-songwriter Dolly Parton.

The track, which can be heard below, is part of Janson’s upcoming album, The Outlaw Side of Me, set to be released on June 16.

In “21 Forever,” Parton delivers a powerful verse that helps the song’s narrator navigate the challenges of growing older. Slash then contributes an emotive guitar solo, reminiscent of the iconic sound found in Guns N’ Roses’ 1992 classic, “November Rain.”

While Guns N’ Roses fans eagerly await a new album from the band, which has been in the works since their 2016 reunion, Slash has expressed his desire to record a fresh record in the near future. In October, he revealed, “I want to go in and cut a whole brand new record at some point, probably sooner than later. But other than that, we have stuff [that’s still] got to come out. So that’s gonna be coming out piecemeal over the next…few months or something like that.” He also mentioned that the band has one more tour scheduled for next summer before they can focus on creating new music.

As for Dolly Parton, she has yet to unveil full details of her upcoming album, Rock Star. The project started taking shape after her induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2023. Reflecting on the nomination, Parton expressed her surprise, stating, “I’ve never thought of myself as being rock ‘n’ roll in any sense of the word. I’m not expecting that I’ll get in. But if I do, I’ll…have to put out a great rock ‘n’ roll album – which I’ve wanted to do for years.” She added that the nomination may have been a sign from a higher power, encouraging her to pursue her long-held desire to create a rock-oriented album.

The collaboration between Slash, Dolly Parton, and Chris Janson on “21 Forever” showcases the diverse talents and musical fusion that can occur when artists from different genres join forces. Fans of both rock and country music can look forward to experiencing this unique collaboration on Janson’s forthcoming album, which promises to deliver a blend of outlaw country and rock influences.