Slash and Wolfgang Van Halen Featured In Barbie Soundtrack

via Warner Bros. UK & Ireland / Youtube

The upcoming Barbie movie is about to get a rock edge, thanks to the musical contributions of legendary guitarist Slash and the talented Wolfgang Van Halen. Both musicians bring their exceptional skills to “I’m Just Ken,” an ’80s-style power ballad sung by Ryan Gosling, who stars as Ken in the film. The revelation of Slash’s feature on the track came from the movie’s soundtrack executive producer, Mark Ronson, who shared the exciting news at the Los Angeles premiere on July 9. With these two rock icons on board, the Barbie soundtrack promises to be a memorable and unique musical experience.

A Dream Collaboration: Slash and Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson, the executive producer of the Barbie movie soundtrack, was thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with his childhood idol, Slash. Recalling his admiration for the Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Ronson revealed:

“I was, what, seventh grade when Appetite For Destruction came out. He’s my all-time hero. I had pictures of Slash all over my walls.”

Fueled by a sense of excitement and nostalgia, Ronson decided to approach Slash about participating in the project.

Sending Slash the song “I’m Just Ken,” Ronson held his breath in anticipation. To his delight, Slash loved the track and agreed to contribute his guitar prowess to the song.

“He was so cool. He killed it. He plays the solo at the end and the rhythm parts. It’s wonderful.”

Ronson gushed about the collaboration. The combination of Ronson’s musical genius and Slash’s iconic guitar work promises to make “I’m Just Ken” an unforgettable addition to the Barbie movie’s soundtrack.

Wolfgang Van Halen Joins the Musical Adventure

Joining Slash in the lineup of musical guests for “I’m Just Ken” is the exceptionally talented Wolfgang Van Halen. Wolfgang, son of the late guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen, brings his mammoth guitar sound to the song. Excited about his involvement, Wolfgang announced his contribution on Twitter, sharing his enthusiasm for being part of the movie’s music.

“Honoured for the opportunity to contribute some guitar playing throughout this hilarious/surreal/heartfelt movie,” he tweeted.

Wolfgang’s role in the soundtrack involves various textural guitar elements throughout the film, with two major spots showcasing his soloing abilities. He mentions a specific moment in the song where he unleashes a fun solo, complete with tapping techniques. In addition to Wolfgang’s guitar magic, the song features the exceptional vocal talents of Ryan Gosling as Ken and Slash’s signature guitar work. With this extraordinary collaboration, “I’m Just Ken” promises to be a standout track that amplifies the Barbie movie’s musical experience.

Barbie: A Rocking Musical Adventure

Directed by Greta Gerwig, Barbie is set to hit cinemas on July 21, offering audiences a delightful blend of humor, surreal moments, and heartfelt storytelling. The star-studded soundtrack, featuring Slash and Wolfgang Van Halen’s guest appearances, adds a rock flair to the movie’s musical journey. The combination of Ryan Gosling’s soulful voice, Slash’s legendary guitar skills, and Wolfgang’s mammoth sound ensures that “I’m Just Ken” will be a highlight of the film’s soundtrack. As Barbie embarks on her musical adventure, the soundtrack, enriched by these rock icons, promises to captivate audiences and make the movie even more unforgettable.

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