Slash Messes Up Intro To “Welcome To The Jungle”—Causes Most Embarrassing Moment In His Career

The Gunner Channel / YouTube


Slash is easily the most recognizable member of Guns N’ Roses. He sticks out like a roe thumb with his top hat, aviators, curly long black hair and signature Les Paul guitar. Therefore, if he were to mess up, everyone would take notice!

During a concert in 1991, Slash and his band members were getting ready to play their massive hit song “Welcome to the Jungle.” As lead vocalist Axl Rose was firing the crowd up and screaming the intro of the song, Slash slowly began to play the iconic opening riff. But that’s when things took a nosedive. Slash messed up the intro of the song, and ended up playing it in the wrong key, making it sound incredibly sloppy and clunky. You can see Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum look at each other confused about what Slash is doing. The band was able to keep it together, though and play through the song perfectly fine. But the beginning will give you a little laugh.

Check out the embarrassing moment down below!