Slash Reveals His Honest Early Thoughts About Guns N’ Roses

via Heróis Da Guitarra / Youtube

Slash, the renowned guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, recently shared his honest early thoughts about the band and their journey to success. In a conversation with Louder Sound, Slash revealed that he had no expectations and lacked faith in the band during their early years. Despite their controversial reputation, Guns N’ Roses defied the odds and went on to achieve unprecedented success with their iconic album “Appetite for Destruction.”

A Controversial Reputation: Overcoming Obstacles

During the discussion about the making of “Appetite for Destruction” in 1987, Slash reminisced about the band’s tumultuous beginnings. He acknowledged that Guns N’ Roses had the worst reputation and managed to unsettle everyone they encountered:

“No one wanted to work with us, we had the worst reputation, we freaked everybody out who met us.”

The band’s former manager, Alan Niven, entered the scene in 1986, providing guidance and helping them secure valuable studio time and work with industry professionals. Although Guns N’ Roses appeared more professional under Niven’s guidance, Slash confessed that he had no commercial expectations for the band or their album. He stated:

“I had no expectations… I never counted how many copies we’d sell. I think we were very confident that we were the coolest f*cking rock’n’roll band. We had that going for us, but I didn’t have any set expectation. I think I’d have been satisfied to have just been a cool cult band that a few people liked.”

From Cult Band to Global Phenomenon

Despite Slash’s reservations and modest expectations, Guns N’ Roses surpassed all predictions and became more than just a cult band. Their raw and rebellious style, combined with their explosive live performances, resonated with audiences worldwide. “Appetite for Destruction” became a monumental success, reaching iconic status and solidifying Guns N’ Roses’ place in rock music history.

The album’s commercial triumph was accompanied by critical acclaim, as it showcased the band’s unparalleled talent and showcased their ability to captivate audiences. Songs like “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” “Welcome to the Jungle,” and “Paradise City” became anthems of a generation, propelling Guns N’ Roses to the forefront of the rock scene.

Triumphs and Troubles: The Complex Journey of GN’R

While Guns N’ Roses experienced immense commercial success, their journey was not without its challenges. Beyond the professional hurdles, the band faced personal conflicts and internal tensions. The strained relationship between Axl Rose and Slash is well-documented, with Rose even accusing Slash of sabotage.

Amidst the accolades and achievements, Guns N’ Roses navigated through turbulent times, lineup changes, and prolonged periods of inactivity. However, their impact on the music industry and their enduring legacy cannot be overstated.