Slash Shares How Alex Lifeson is Involved In His Horror Movie

via Heróis Da Guitarra / Youtube

Slash, the renowned Guns N’ Roses guitarist, recently shared intriguing details about his new horror movie, ‘The Breach,’ during an interview with BangerTV. In addition to producing and scoring the film, Slash revealed how he managed to involve Rush’s Alex Lifeson in a significant role. Beyond this thrilling collaboration, Slash also reminisced about other awe-inspiring moments he experienced while working with music legends on his ‘Slash’ album. Let’s delve into the guitarist’s creative ventures and starstruck encounters.

 Alex Lifeson’s Surprise Involvement in ‘The Breach’

Slash disclosed the intriguing story behind Alex Lifeson’s participation in ‘The Breach.’ Initially, there was another actor lined up for the role, but Slash wasn’t satisfied and felt a change was necessary. When director Rodrigo Gudiño suggested Alex Lifeson, Slash was delighted with the idea. He expressed his excitement, stating:

“Funny thing you brought up Alex [Lifeson]. With that particular part that he’s doing in this movie, there was sort of a fill-in guy doing this part, and it was the one thing in the movie I was like, ‘Who’s going to be the guy to do this? You got to get rid of that guy.'” Slash continued, “Anyway, Rodrigo [Gudiño, director] called me up, and he goes, ‘What do you think about Alex Lifeson?’ I was like, ‘Are you kidding? That would be f*cking awesome.’ So I was really happy that he came in and did that. I know Alex, but I’ve never jammed with him or anything. I don’t know him that well, but he’s a really nice guy, and the fact that he’s in this is really cool.”

Fanboy Moments: Collaborating with Music Legends

Slash’s illustrious career has not only witnessed his mastery on the guitar but also provided the opportunity to work with music idols he deeply admires. He recounted two standout names he collaborated with on his ‘Slash’ album. The first was with the iconic Iggy Pop, an experience that left a lasting impact on the guitarist. Slash described it as a “really special opportunity” and a great honor to work with someone of Iggy Pop’s stature. He added:

“But working with Iggy Pop was a big one; that was one of my earliest collaborations with somebody of his stature, so that was great. Working with Lemmy [Kilmister], the fact that he’s singing on my record was a huge honor. He and I have been good friends for a long time, but he’s still Lemmy.”

 Secret Projects in the Pipeline

Beyond ‘The Breach,’ Slash teased his fans with hints of other exciting projects in the works. He revealed one secret project as a TV series with a UK production company, revolving around a book he optioned. Additionally, a movie centered around a rock band is also on the horizon, showcasing Slash’s diverse creative pursuits. Slash stated, “You know, I’m developing a TV series with a production company in the UK around a book that I optioned. And I’m working on a movie that’s kind of rock-related.” Clearly, the guitarist’s creative journey continues to evolve and surprise fans with unique and captivating projects.