Someone Mashed Up Yoko Ono Singing & Cannibal Corpse And It’s Really… REALLY Disturbing

Pluffnub / YouTube

Well… They Certainly Goes Together!

It’s pretty obvious that mash-ups are becoming increasingly popular. Not just because they are funny and clever, but because it shows us just how well two different genres can sometimes go together. Whether it’d be Ozzy Osbourne mashed up with Earth, Wind, & Fire, Iron Maiden mashed up with Michael Jackson, or even Van Halen mashed up with ABBA, you just never know which different combinations will produce amazing results.

Now, with all of that said, sometimes it doesn’t exactly yield the magnificent result we’re all hoping for. Take for example this mash-up of Yoko Ono singing and Cannibal Corpse. To put it simply, this mash-up, while beautifully done and edited, is utterly disturbing, but in all the best ways. Like I said, you just never know what two different styles of music go together, and let’s just say that these two go together a little TOO well. Check it out below!