Steve Hackett From Genesis Decide His Favorite: Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins

via Ryan Martin / Youtube

Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett recently shared his favorite Genesis albums during an interview on the Now Spinning Magazine Podcast, shedding light on his musical preferences between the band’s iconic frontmen, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins.

Hackett, who was discussing his newly released album ‘Foxtrot at 50 + Hackett Highlights,’ took a stroll down memory lane through the Genesis discography.

He began by praising ‘Seconds Out,’ a compilation album that summarized the band’s late-’70s capabilities. However, he emphasized his deep appreciation for the earlier work, stating:

“I’m going back earlier. ‘Foxtrot’ certainly appeals as an entire entity. I think it’s one of the two best albums.”


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The guitarist then unveiled his second favorite Genesis album:

“If I was honest, I would say that the two best albums from the classic Genesis period for me are ‘Foxtrot’ and ‘Selling England [By The Pound].’ Those two, I think, typify what the band was capable of at the time when it was basically a pre-video era.”

Hackett’s album choices suggest a preference for Peter Gabriel’s vocals over Phil Collins’.

‘Selling England By The Pound’ has also been hailed by critics as one of the band’s finest works.

Hackett previously expressed his fondness for ‘Selling England By The Pound’ and even named a tour after the album. Although he continues to perform both his solo songs and Genesis tracks, a full reunion with the band appears unlikely.

Fans can watch the full interview to delve deeper into Hackett’s musical insights.