Steven Tyler Belts Out Impromptu Karaoke w/ Harmonica In A Car While On His Way To Concert

Steven Tyler / Facebook

It’s Just A Steven Tyler Thing

We could honestly just go on and on forever about how perfect Steven Tyler is, through and through, but you already know it to be true. It’s just plain fact that we love every single little thing that he does. Whether it’s rocking out in front of a live crowd of millions, standing out in the pouring rain to sign every autograph he possibly can, or just him being his wacky-self, he’s a gem inside and out.

We’re blessed by the fact that Steven always documents what he’s doing in video form and posts it to social media. We never miss a moment!

This time around is certainly no different. In fact, this time, we were just treated to an impromptu concert from the man himself and we didn’t even have to buy a ticket. While on his way to go perform at an Aerosmith concert at the Park Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada, Steven decided to put on a little show of his own in the car.

With his harmonica in hand, he started jamming to the tune of “Deuces Are Wild”. Of course, someone was filming as he/she should’ve been. Take a look below for yourself!

To be perfectly honest, Steven Tyler is the only one that could pull something like this off. His charisma, flamboyance, and youthful exuberance make it so that every time he posts one of these surprise videos you HAVE to watch.

Like we always say, Steven is just perfect, through and through, no matter what he’s doing!