Steven Tyler Surprises Crowd With Impromptu Performance at Bluebird Cafe in Nashville

via ViralMediaCrew YouTube

Coolest Thing Ever!

What would you do if you’re eating at a cafe and Steven Tyler suddenly shows up and performs? Would you whip out your phone and start recording a video? Or would you simply enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience? Either way, you just witnessed one of the greatest rockstars to ever walk the earth sing “Jaded” and “Dream On” and it’s in an intimate venue to boot!

He was in the audience watching four songwriters perform and he probably couldn’t resist belting out to some of his classics.

“when I discovered the key of C, my whole world opened up!” – Steven Tyler

Bluebird Cafe is far from your average cozy spot. This is where several Nashville legends got their break and even those who are already well-established still stop by to perform or listen to other musicians. And Steven Tyler also admitted that he has never performed in a venue that small.

We don’t know about you but we’re seriously jealous of the crowd.