Steven Van Zandt Expresses Support for Bruce Springsteen’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Attitude

via AXS TV / Youtube

In a recent appearance on The Big Interview with Dan Rather of AXS TV, Steven Van Zandt, the talented guitarist and long-time E Street bandmate of Bruce Springsteen, offered heartfelt support for his friend’s unwavering dedication to rock and roll music. Van Zandt delved into the origins of their partnership, their shared love for the genre, and the inspiration they drew from one another. His candid remarks shed light on the powerful bond that has fueled their musical journey together.

The Inseparable Duo’s Musical Destiny

When asked about the deep connection he shares with Bruce Springsteen, Steven Van Zandt explained that it was their unique and unwavering dedication to rock and roll that brought them together. He stated”

“What attracted me and Bruce to each other, I think, was the fact that we were uniquely dedicated to this new rock and roll thing in an uncompromising way.”

This shared devotion to their craft created a powerful bond between the two musicians, laying the foundation for their iconic partnership in the E Street Band.

Embracing Misfit Identity and Strengthening Each Other

Reflecting on their early days, Van Zandt shared how he and Bruce Springsteen were both misfits and outcasts who had a deep passion for rock and roll. He reminisced:

“We were complete misfits and freaks, and we were the last two guys left standing when everybody else took a job.”

Their shared inability to fit into conventional paths propelled them toward their music careers, as they found solace and strength in each other’s presence. Together, they embraced their unique identities and paved the way for their groundbreaking musical journey.

A Time of Artistic Renaissance

During the interview, Steven Van Zandt fondly recalled a time when rock and roll experienced an unprecedented artistic renaissance. He expressed:

“Keep in mind we’re in the middle of a Renaissance period back then. That was really unprecedented in terms of its depth.”

He highlighted the short-lived but remarkable era when the greatest art being created was also the most commercially successful. This period was marked by the widespread appreciation and integration of greatness in society, providing a platform for musicians like Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt to thrive.

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