Stevie Nicks’ Female Idols Revealed

via @Stevie Nicks | YouTube

Over the course of her more than 50-year career, Stevie Nicks has contributed to several chart-topping songs and albums. She started singing and creating songs by herself when she was very young, and her love of music continued when she got her first guitar as a teenager. With the songs she created and listened to, young Nicks formed the initial steps of her career in her musically fictitious universe.

Before meeting her future emotional and musical partner Lindsey Buckingham, the vocalist first played in a folk rock band. She integrated her creativity with the works of other successful artists throughout this process as she worked to develop her own distinctive style. There were a lot of well-known male rockers around at the time, but Nicks wanted to be remembered as a passionate female vocalist by the female artists. She eventually decided she wanted to have the same impact as Grace Slick and Janis Joplin.


Janis Joplin and Grace Slick were Stevie Nicks’s idols.

The singer claimed that she first chose to draw inspiration from male rockers because there weren’t many female rockers in earlier years. Joplin was the final, according to Nicks, and Slick was another significant living female performer. The Fleetwood Mac vocalist emphasized how much she admired these two female rockers’ creations and yearned to be just like them in the music world.

Nicks said that she had a great connection to country music and thought she might continue to produce country songs throughout her life. She decided to stick with producing rock for as long as she had the stamina to continue, knowing that she could subsequently “gracefully” move to the country when she thought the moment was appropriate.

Stevie Nicks stated the following of her youth:

“I was going to keep up with the rock stars of the world that were men because there weren’t very many women once. Janis was really the last, and Grace is still alive, so. But music, Grace Slick and Janis Joplin were the ones that I loved. I wanted to be like them. And I knew from a little girl that I could do country my whole life. So I knew if I wanted to rock, I could rock now until I’m too tired to rock, and then I could slip gracefully into the country.”

Nicks, a proud female rock musician, hasn’t lost trust in herself and is working tirelessly on her art. In fact, she and Christine McVie, another member of Fleetwood Mac, had made a commitment to one another that they would work hard to promote women in the music industry. In actuality, she has achieved her objective. She first aimed to be like Janis Joplin and Grace Slick, and as a result, she has influenced a new generation of female performers in a variety of genres, including Lorde.