Street Musician Stuns Crowd Playing Iron Maiden On Guitar & Drums At The Same Time

via HeavyMetal_999 via Twitter

A one-man band who plays – with guitar, drums, and voice – Iron Maiden songs (we imagine that among other groups) by himself, has finally gone viral on social networks. His video playing “Fear of the Dark” spreads like wildfire on Twitter.

He calls himself Mundane Sound and is native to Chile, as we have seen on his Instagram and Facebook, where you can follow him to see more of his material, both in this curious arrangement and in “old-fashioned” performances. . If one thing is clear to us, it is that this artist has impressive talent and skills worthy of any great virtuoso.

About “Fear of the Dark”

In 1990, Iron Maiden faced its first big loss after releasing ‘No Prayer for the Dying, an album that did not achieve the greatest of commercial successes or left songs that have continued in the band’s setlist throughout. the years. In addition, the group had just faced the departure of Adrian Smith from the group. The guitarist was dissatisfied, the fatigue after so many years of touring was beginning to accumulate, and, the final straw, the artistic direction on the album had not convinced him at all. This could have been the prelude to the band’s breakup, but luckily Steve Harris had other plans.

Chosen to replace Smith was veteran Janick Gers (debuting on the 1990 album), who would become one of the group’s permanent members even upon the former guitarist’s return to the ensemble ten years later. However, despite having managed to fill the vacancy, Iron Maiden had another problem, the reception of their new album had been poor, despite the incorporation of the new guitarist.

The arrival of grunge was beginning to take place and the British had to level up and publish something worth remembering. On a commercial level, this was achieved, making Maiden once again number one in sales in their native England.

The theme that gives the album its name, “Fear of the Dark”, is the biggest anthem of the entire album, a long but catchy song, chargeable, and one of the favorites of the fans today. With this song, the English band hit the table, defending their style and giving up dying or living only from their legend. Its theme, the universal fear of the dark that we have all had at some point, was another guarantee of success.