Taylor Hawkins Wrote Incredible Songs For Other Artist and We Found Them

via Mike Perry/ Youtube

Taylor Hawkins was a musical virtuoso—drummer, pianist, guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Best known as the drummer of the Foo Fighters, he had an impressive career, contributing to the band’s success with his talent and creativity. Beyond the Foo Fighters, Hawkins collaborated with numerous artists, writing songs that showcased his versatility and passion for music. From finishing a late Beach Boy’s track to co-writing with the godfather of punk, here are five songs that Taylor Hawkins wrote for other artists, leaving behind a legacy of musical brilliance.

“Holy Man,” Dennis Wilson (2009)

Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys released his solo album, “Pacific Ocean Blue,” in 1977. One of the unreleased tracks, “Holy Man,” lacked completed lyrics. In 2008, on the album’s 30th anniversary reissue, Taylor Hawkins was approached to finish the song’s lyrics. He recorded the track with his vocals, giving new life to a Dennis Wilson gem. Hawkins later re-recorded the song with Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor, releasing it as a single for Record Store Day in 2019.

“(red, white, and blue) Cheerfulness,” Perry Farrell (2019)

Collaborating with Perry Farrell on his second solo album, “Kind Heaven,” Hawkins co-wrote the opening track, “(red, white, and blue) Cheerfulness.” Perry Farrell praised Hawkins’ love for music, saying, “He just loved songs and music, and people that were great musicians.” Hawkins’ passion for music shone through in his collaborations, making him an invaluable creative force.

“Mend,” Kind Heaven Orchestra (2021)

Working again with Perry Farrell on the debut album of Kind Heaven Orchestra, Hawkins co-wrote and played drums on the title track, “Mend.” The song carried personal significance for Hawkins, as it revolved around his own marital troubles. Perry Farrell spoke fondly of Hawkins, describing the process of writing the song together, and how they aimed to mend his broken heart.

“Comments” / “The Regency,” Iggy Pop (2023)

Hawkins’ final recording session was with the legendary Iggy Pop for his 2023 album, “Every Loser.” Hawkins co-wrote two songs, “Comments” and “The Regency,” and played piano and drums on “Comments.” Iggy Pop praised Hawkins’ unique style and expressed his shock and sadness upon hearing about his passing. The collaboration between Hawkins and Iggy Pop brought forth exceptional music that showcased their creative synergy.