That Time When Alex Trebek Dressed Up Like Gene Simmons

via @KISS | YouTube

Jeopardy! aired late Alex Trebek’s final episode, we remembered the time he put up a Gene Simmons costume from Kiss.

It was extraordinary during their Halloween celebration back in 2018. In the video, Trebek explains to his studio audience that, on their own Jeopardy! website, there is a photo of “a certain game show host made up exactly like Gene Simmons … tongue and all.” And a follow up of a Simmonsesque pose by Trebek. That’s accompanied by a clip of the pair together in a green room, and Trebek inspecting what he’s about to do. 

Then begins the process of converting the Canadian into the Devil with a wig, outfit, and, of course, the Simmons’ facepaint.

“Boy, I hope I got this Kiss makeup right,” Trebek says upon its completion. Is there anybody here who can tell us if I got this right?” At which point Simmons appeared and amused, “You nailed it. Don’t worry.” Simmons then gives him platform boots and teaches him how to correctly execute the devil horns. It concludes with the pair wishing everyone’s a happy Halloween. 

The footage of Trebek in full Kiss costume was included in a video tribute to Trebek broadcasted during the most recent episode. The clip highlighted exciting moments from during his 36-year period and ended with a title card that indicated, “Dedicated to Alex Trebek: Forever in our hearts. Always our inspiration.”

The final episode was taped less than two weeks before Trebek’s death on Nov. 8, 2020.