The 10 Things The New Elvis Movie Got Right and Wrong

via MsMojo / Youtube

How likely are film biopics to capture every moment of an artist’s life? Without a doubt, it is almost impossible to achieve it in a single feature film. With the premiere of Elvis, the previous question comes up regarding its 2 hours 39 minutes of footage.

And it is that a life like that of Elvis Presley must have been difficult to condense. However, director Baz Luhrmann’s ability to tell this story has allowed us to enjoy on-screen a variety of key moments in the singer’s life: the King of Rock & Roll’s early years on the music scene, his camaraderie with musicians African Americans, his marriage to Priscilla Presley, but above all his complex relationship with his manager Tom Parker. All this is encapsulated in a feast of music and glamour.

Biographical films often project very intimate moments of their protagonists, especially when they are experiencing a breaking point, despite all the fame and wealth around them. Elvis is no exception. The film deals with that prolapse where the singer began to feel obsolete at almost 40 years of age. The world was changing and the tastes of the public were also changing at the same time and all this generated uncertainty and fear of being forgotten by his fans.

In the video below, @MsMojo explores 10 aspects of Elvis Presley’s life that the film got right and wrong.

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