The 3 Songs That Defined Keith Richard’s Career With The Rolling Stones

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Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, one of the wildest musicians in rock history who has also added his raspy voice to some of the mythical band’s songs is the most enduring, productive, and fantastic creative guitarist in popular music.

Here are The 3 Songs That Defined Keith Richard’s Career With The Rolling Stones.

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Keith Richards has been a Rolling Stone since the beginning of time, back in 1962, so together with Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts he forms the longest association in rock history. After a few years of initiation triumphing doing other people’s covers, the band’s first big success took the hysteria around them to a higher level. The famous riff of this song appeared to Richards in a dream … luckily for everyone it was quick and he was able to capture it.


The Seventies were absolutely insane for the Stones who at that time were an unstoppable creative force, an unappealable scenic beast, and an insatiable vicious backstage vermin. Even the less successful ‘Black and Blue’ (1976) and ‘Some Girls’ (1978) are unattainable for the rest of mortal musicians, but that is another story and what we care about now is Keith’s happiness is one of his rarely before the microphone as a vocalist.

Start Me Up

This song was in the bedroom since the mid-seventies, even in the reggae version, but it did not find its final form until 1981 when it became the star song of the album ‘Tattoo You’ on its own merits. The years of waiting were worth it, as Keith’s guitar riff sneaked into rock’s most popular riff. In fact, the band continues to open many of their current recitals with ‘Start Me Up’. Demolition Man.