The 4 Chord Tricks The Beatles Used In Their Songs

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The Beatles, one of the most influential bands in music history, enchanted the world with their captivating melodies and innovative songwriting. Behind their timeless hits lies a clever use of chord progressions that added a touch of harmonic sophistication to their music.

George Harrison’s ‘Something’: A Lesson in Harmonic Elegance

George Harrison’s iconic song ‘Something’ serves as a prime example of The Beatles’ mastery of chord moves. The track showcases four exquisite chord transitions that contribute to its harmonic allure. Understanding and employing these chord tricks can elevate your songwriting and imbue your music with the same sophistication that defines The Beatles’ timeless compositions.

Decoding The 4 Chord Tricks

The first chord trick utilized in ‘Something’ involves a clever shift to the minor subdominant. This move adds a subtle touch of melancholy to the song, creating an emotional depth that resonates with listeners. Another enchanting chord move is the chromatic climb, where the melody ascends in half steps. This progression adds a sense of anticipation and creates a smooth, captivating transition between chords. The Beatles skillfully employ an ascending-descending pattern, crafting a melodic journey that takes the listener on an evocative musical ride. This move imparts a sense of movement and intrigue to the song. The final chord trick involves a shift to the tonic major, offering a refreshing change in tonality. This transition breathes new life into the song, captivating the audience with its harmonic surprise.

Infusing Your Songwriting With Beatles’ Brilliance

By understanding and incorporating these chord tricks into your songwriting, you can add a touch of The Beatles’ magic to your music. Experiment with the minor subdominant move to evoke emotion, employ the chromatic climb to build anticipation, utilize the ascending-descending pattern to create movement, and surprise your audience with the tonic major transition.

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