The 40 Exclusive Songs From George Harrison’s Personal Playlist

via George Harrison / Youtube

1966 marked a significant period for The Beatles, a time when their journey from live performances to studio creations was in full swing. George Harrison, in particular, found humor in their live sound that often got drowned by the screams of their adoring fans. The phenomenon of Beatlemania was reaching its zenith, and the band members longed for moments of tranquility amid the chaos.

As revealed by Steve Turner’s compilation in Beatles ’66: The Revolutionary Year, the personal jukebox selections of each member offer a unique insight into their musical tastes during this transformative year. George Harrison, known for his distinct musical inclinations, curated a playlist that spoke to his soul.

By 1966, the raucous cheers of their concerts had started to overpower their melodies.

The songs George Harrison would play in the solitude of his home gave a glimpse into the refuge he sought.

Harrison cherished his KB Discomat jukebox, the same model as John Lennon’s, for its convenience in having all his favorite records at his fingertips. His musical choices included a blend of soul, rhythm and blues, and rock tracks that resonated with his spirit. The soulful sounds of Otis Redding, The Four Tops, and Jackie Wilson graced his playlist. The Lovin’ Spoonful and The Beach Boys provided the rock-infused tunes, while Bob Dylan’s introspective melodies offered moments of contemplation.

The playlist reads like a journey through Harrison’s musical influences, showcasing his affinity for diverse artists and genres.

From the energetic rhythm of James Brown’s “I Got You” to the poetic folk tones of Bob Dylan’s “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window,” the playlist is a testament to Harrison’s eclectic taste.

In a year marred by religious controversies and escalating dangers on tour, Harrison’s personal jukebox became his haven. Amid the threats and chaos, the songs of his choosing provided solace and comfort. As he listened to Otis Redding’s “I Can’t Turn You Loose” or The Beach Boys’ “The Little Girl I Once Knew,” he found respite from the storm.

The jukebox selections reveal a facet of Harrison’s character often overshadowed by the Beatlemania frenzy. These songs weren’t meant for a stadium filled with screaming fans; they were for him, a private indulgence in the melodies that brought him joy. The playlist offers a glimpse into the man behind the Beatle, a soul seeking refuge and inspiration through music.

Below is George Harrison’s personal jukebox playlist from 1966:

  • Bob and Earl – ‘Harlem Shuffle
  • Chuck Jackson – ‘Good Things Come to Those Who Wait’
  • Booker T. and the M.G.’s – ‘Be My Lady’
  • Bob Dylan – ‘Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window’
  • Little Jerry Williams – ‘Baby, You’re My Everything’
  • Edwin Starr – ‘Back Street’
  • Lee Dorsey -‘Work, Work, Work’
  • The Beach Boys – ‘The Little Girl I Once Knew’
  • The Miracles – ‘My Girl Has Gone’
  • Little Richard – ‘I Don’t Know What You’ve Got (But It’s Got Me)’
  • Otis Redding – ‘I Can’t Turn You Loose’
  • Otis Redding – ‘My Girl’
  • Jackie Wilson – ‘I Believe I’ll Love On’
  • Booker T. and The M.G.’s – ‘Plum Nellie’
  • Willie Mitchell – ‘Everything Is Gonna Be Alright’
  • Joe Tex – ‘A Sweet Woman Like You’
  • The Four Tops – ‘Something About You’
  • James Brown – ‘I Got You’
  • Marvin Gaye – ‘Ain’t That Peculiar’
  • The Byrds – ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’
  • Don Covay – ‘See Saw’
  • Sounds Incorporated – ‘I’m Comin’ Through’
  • Wilson Pickett – ‘Don’t Fight It’
  • Booker T. and the M.G.’s – ‘Bootleg’
  • The Young Rascals – ‘I Ain’t Gonna Eat My Heart Out Any More’
  • Otis Redding – ‘Respect’
  • James Brown – ‘Try Me’
  • Otis Redding – ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long’
  • Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles – ‘All or Nothing’
  • Marvin Gaye – ‘Pretty Little Baby’
    Fred Hughes – ‘Oo Wee Baby, I Love You’
  • The Miracles – ‘The Tracks of My Tears’
  • Joe Tex – ‘Yum Yum’
  • Edwin Starr – ‘Agent Double-O-Soul’
  • Barrett Strong – ‘Money’
  • Ritchie Barrett – ‘Some Other Guy’
  • Chuck Berry – ‘It Wasn’t Me’
  • Charlie Rich – ‘Mohair Sam’
  • The Beach Boys – ‘Let Him Run Wild’
  • The Lovin’ Spoonful – ‘Do You Believe in Magic’