The 5 Aerosmith Songs From “Pump” To Get You Pumped

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After the highly recommended Permanent Vacation, Pump would mean that the Aerosmiths closed the 80s in style and were ready to reign in the 90s too. Pump is a rocker, happy, and very pleasant to listen to.

Let’s take a look at the 5 Aerosmith Songs From “Pump” To Get You Pumped:

Young Lust

The album begins with the powerful “Young Lust”, which has a typical Aerosmith intro, with Tyler’s harmonica. The song rides most of the time on Kramer’s double bass drum and takes a breather with a first slide solo on the viola, to, after the bridge, reach a second solo by Perry, much more furious.

Janie’s Got A Gun

Janie’s Got A Gun is another of the high points of the album with those classic keyboard notes, a mythical Korg M1. The theme is halftime that won a Grammy for the best rock song. Fantastic from the bridge to solo.



The song, after a fill that anticipates a huge closure, has an open ending, to which “FINE” is hooked, a mid-tempo rock, which would be inconsequential if it were not the type of song expected in second place on the tracklist from a hard rock album.

Love In An Elevator

comes the famous “Love In An Elevator” – preceded by “Going Down”, which functions as an intro to the third track on the album – which talks about how to make love in an elevator. It peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on Mainstream Rock.

Hoodoo / Voodoo Medicine Man

Hoodoo / Voodoo Medicine Man, the tracks begins with guitar notes, a whispering Tyler, and a great bass line leading to the exploding Kramer’s drum roll. The group once again works wonderfully on these tracks similar to Zeppelin’s aromas. Just pure brilliant.