The 5 Best Reasons To Miss John Bonham

The Legendary Bonzo

Nearly four decades after his death, he still remains and regarded as one of the best classic rock drummers of all time. Last 2010, BBC named John Bonham as the greatest Rock drummer ever, and LA Times still ranks him as the best of the best of all time behind the kit.

John Bonham was a combination of five things and these are the reasons why we miss him behind the kit:

1. Power

Bonham combined different styles of music and made them better, using his intense power behind the drumkit, he defined early Hard Rock drumming.

2. Technique

His technique defines why he’s regarded as one, if not the greatest of all time – and if you ask a drummer about Bonham’s technique – they’ll definitely say that nobody had a faster or better right foot than him.

3. Feel

He play a deep groove – he can play half-time shuffle, which makes his feels and sense of dynamics greater than anyone else.

4. Creativity

For a short time, he managed to invent his own genre, – he was the harder hitter of that era. He possessed the three factors of a talented musician: Technical Proficiency, Creativity, and Showmanship.

5. Intelligence

He possessed an incredible kinetic intelligence that’s why he can do a lot when he’s behind his drum kit, the way he conveys his feelings and ideas – the rhythm, the beats, and the way he used them was CLEARLY GREATNESS!


All he ever did behind the drumkit matched his creativity, and his sense of playfulness when beating the drums – the groove that brought most drummers to fall int their knees and worship him like a god. He never tried to show off just to be recognized, like most of the drummers during their time – he just played and remained cool.
He was a great loss in the music history.