The 6 Vocal Sections Only Steve Perry Can Sing

via journey / Youtube

YouTube channel, Crazy Singing, takes us to Steve Perry’s vocal style (enunciation, soulfulness, in addition to his high note melodies) that separated him from other male singers.

Steve Perry is a rare bird in this Rock and his story is one of the most beautiful. It could be the script of a great and beautiful Hollywood movie, but for now it’s just reality. Perry is like a rocker exception, with no apparent ego. He never needed all those spotlights, from which he ran away as soon as their blinding light became unbearable. Not even when Journey were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017 did he want to outshine anyone, letting it be Arnel Pineda, the band’s current singer, who performed those hymns he created in the pertinent performance at the event.

Steve Perry was one of the kings of the world. When he joined the journey of Journey, a great band of moderate success, of immense quality, that mixed Jazz and Rock, with progressive overtones and instrumental themes, everything changed. Journey became the benchmark for classic AOR, the most elegant group on the rock scene, a waste of quality and million-dollar sales (over 80 million records sold).

With a sublime elegance, in registers as high as they were warm, as lyrical as they were nuanced, those notes that almost nobody could achieve and that, of course, nobody executed in that way, that when joined with the keys of Cain and the prodigious guitar of Schon led the band to an inexorable and inevitable total success and endless tours that killed their energy in 1987. There has not been and there is not a singer like him, some they have tried to imitate him, all of them excellent, but Perry is something else.

Watch the 6 Vocal Sections Only Steve Perry Can Sing below: