The “Bad Rock N’ Roll Voices” That We Love

The Truth Of A Singer’s Voice

Why certain rock n’ roll voices seems bad but sound so good? Well, I guess it’s all about the grit. Take it, for example, Bob Dylan’s voice is kind of disturbing and yet, it is the voice of America. He came on the spotlight just right in time when the Social Movement is taking place.

Dylan at the time was actually the voice that represented the beliefs of young people in America and Europe. The angry Jewish kid’s voice was actually in the right place at the right time. Directing new generation to find themselves and had given them the identity better than anyone. Hence, the Hippie Movement.

After that revolution, many voices came out as well, they were “The Bad Voices of Rock N’ Roll.” — John Hiatt, Lou Reed, Nico, Neil Young, John Lydon and many more. These were the actual voices you could really trust at the time. — Even George Harrison for that matter.

And yet, we love all of them, they were recognizable, and they actually sounded great. These singers sang their songs with heart and passion, which something great singers today doesn’t possess (though few of them do).

The “Bad Rock N’ Roll Voices” that we love sang their piece like they really meant it, you can always say that their only limitation is their voices, but you can’t deny the fact that they can certainly connect with people. Rock Music — it’s really all about the emotional connection.

What about you? Which rock vocalist do you love even if they can’t actually sing but sound perfect anyway? Comment it down below.