The Beatles Songs Paul McCartney Disapproved

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The Beatles produced countless iconic and memorable songs during their time together. However, not every song that they created was well-received by all of the band members. In particular, Paul McCartney has been known to express his dislike for a few Beatles songs, despite typically keeping any negative comments to himself.

While Paul McCartney rarely speaks ill of The Beatles and their work, it is clear that there are a few songs that he did not particularly care for. Despite this, the band’s overall legacy remains strong, and their music continues to be beloved by millions of fans around the world.

She Said She Said

One song that McCartney has expressed some disapproval for is “She Said She Said,” which appeared on the band’s 1966 album “Revolver.” In an interview, McCartney revealed that he did not enjoy playing the song because the chords were difficult to play, and he also found the lyrics to be too pessimistic.

Tell Me What You See

Another song that McCartney was not a fan of is “Tell Me What You See,” which was released on the band’s 1965 album “Help!” McCartney has said that he finds the lyrics to be lacking in substance, and the song as a whole to be forgettable.

What You’re Doing

Similarly, McCartney expressed his dislike for “What You’re Doing,” which also appeared in the “Beatles For Sale” album in 1964. He has described the song as “fairly throwaway,” and has suggested that it may not have been the best choice for inclusion on the album.

Every Little Thing

Additionally, “Every Little Thing,” another song from “Beatles For Sale,” did not receive high praise from McCartney. In an interview, he said that the song was “very lightweight,” and that it didn’t have a particularly strong melody or chord structure.

Hold Me Tight

Lastly, “Hold Me Tight,” a song from the band’s 1963 album “With The Beatles,” also did not earn high marks from McCartney. He has described the song as being “a bit of a filler,” and has said that it was not one of the band’s strongest efforts.