The Eagles Song Released After Their Breakup

via Eagles / Youtube

The Eagles, renowned for their harmonious sound and timeless hits, experienced a tumultuous breakup in the 1980s, leading to years of separation and individual pursuits. However, by the mid-1990s, a glimmer of hope emerged for a reunion. The catalyst was a tribute album featuring a cover of an Eagles song by country artist Travis Tritt. This unexpected turn of events led to a renewed camaraderie among the band members and eventually produced their comeback album, “Hell Freezes Over.” One of the standout tracks from the album, “Get Over It,” not only showcased their signature sound but also reflected their resilience and creative chemistry.

The Reunion Sparks: A Nostalgic Video Shoot

Travis Tritt’s decision to cover the Eagles’ hit song “Take It Easy” for a charity project called Walden Woods Project became the turning point for the band’s reunion. Tritt invited the Eagles to appear in the music video, reigniting memories of their past collaboration and reigniting their passion for working together. Glenn Frey, reflecting on the experience, shared in “History of The Eagles,” “I mostly remembered the good stuff. Just how we genuinely liked working together.”

Writing a New Anthem: “Get Over It”

As the wheels of reunion began turning, Joe Walsh’s sobriety became a crucial step. However, an Eagles reunion wouldn’t be complete without new material. Don Henley presented the idea for a song titled “Get Over It” to Frey. Henley expressed his frustration with celebrities blaming others for their problems and decided to write a song as a response. Inspired by a chord progression borrowed from Chuck Berry, the track became one of the primary compositions for the “Hell Freezes Over” project.

Onstage Hiccups and Rejuvenation

While the Eagles received a warm welcome from their audience during the early shows for MTV, they encountered a few hiccups. During the performance of another new composition, “Learn to Be Still,” Henley forgot the words to the second verse, leading to a comedic moment. Despite the temporary slip-up, the experience of writing and performing together left Frey invigorated and optimistic about their future collaborations.

The Road to “Long Road Out of Eden”

Although the live record captured some of their reunion magic, it took some time before the Eagles released a new studio album. The journey was not without challenges, including the departure of guitarist Don Felder due to financial disputes. However, their dedication culminated in the double album “Long Road Out of Eden,” which showcased their artistic range and continued ability to captivate audiences. From epic tracks to heartfelt ballads, the Eagles proved that their creative fire remained intact even after years apart.