The Events Leading The Beatles Rooftop Performance

via The Beatles / Youtube

The legendary concert on the rooftop of The Beatles has been released in its entirety and with an improved audio mix on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube and iTunes on the occasion of the celebration of the 53rd anniversary of what was the last performance of the British band

2021 closed with one of the most anticipated and promising releases for the industry, not only in music but also in entertainment: the arrival of The Beatles’ first documentary, “Get Back”, on the Disney Plus streaming platform.

Now, with this background, the legendary British rock band created in 1960, continues to make its way on the small screen with the launch of its last concert on the unmistakable roof of its Apple Corps headquarters in London.

In episode after episode, fans around the world have been exploring The Beatles’ January 1969 sessions and rooftop performance, where they get an almost personal look at the relationship between the band members, from the real leader, even the indifferences that caused the separation of The Beatles.

In London’s Soho, The Beatles perform their last public performance on the roof of their record company, Apple Corps. The band plays until complaints from neighbors in the area lead the police to put an end to the concert.

The last time the Liverpool band decides to finish their audiovisual project, which at that time was called Get Back, is on the roof of the building they had acquired a year earlier to record the second part of their work sessions.

The record, which sought to take them once again to be a Rock band, is finally entitled Let It Be and becomes a film released in 1970, achieving an Oscar Award for Best Adapted Soundtrack.

It was January 30, 1969. It’s been 53 years since that iconic moment when four boys from Liverpool ruled the world from a central London rooftop. 42 minutes were enough to leave their mark on history and offer what would be the last concert of the Beatles before their dissolution in April of the following year.

George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr climbed to the fifth floor of the Apple Corps building, tuned their instruments, sound tested, and before anyone knew it, the chords of the first song of the evening began. They were accompanied on keyboards by American soul legend Billy Preston.

The Beatles broke up just 15 months after that iconic rooftop concert, but our admiration for them and the music and art they created won’t end for long.