The Great Led Zeppelin Songs That Wasn’t Written By Jimmy Page

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Jimmy Page is undoubtedly the face of Led Zeppelin, with his guitar wizardry and creative genius being integral to the band’s success. However, there are two songs from the band’s final album, 1979’s In Through the Out Door, that were not written by him.

These songs are ‘All My Love’ and ‘South Bound Suarez’, both penned by frontman Robert Plant and bassist John Paul Jones.

‘All My Love’ is a touching tribute to Plant’s late son, Karac, who passed away at the tender age of five due to a stomach illness. This emotional track showcases Plant’s heartfelt lyrics and Jones’ skillful musicianship. On the other hand, ‘South Bound Suarez’ is a lively song that pays tribute to the rock ‘n’ roll of the 1950s. The track features a bustling piano line that evokes the spirit of the era.


Page and drummer John Bonham played less prominent roles in the recording of In Through the Out Door due to personal issues. Page was grappling with his heroin addiction, and Bonham was struggling with alcoholism that would ultimately claim his life in 1980. Consequently, Plant and Jones shouldered much of the creative responsibility for the album.

Despite not being written by Page, ‘All My Love’ and ‘South Bound Suarez’ are regarded as some of Led Zeppelin’s best latter moments. The songs prove that the band was more than just Page and that each member brought something unique to the table. Plant’s sincerity and Jones’ musicianship shone through in these tracks, making them timeless classics that are still beloved by fans today.

‘All My Love’ and ‘South Bound Suarez’ are two Led Zeppelin songs that were not written by Jimmy Page but are still considered among the band’s best works. These songs demonstrate that Led Zeppelin was a collaborative effort that relied on the talents of all its members. The emotional depth of ‘All My Love’ and the nostalgic energy of ‘South Bound Suarez’ showcase the range and versatility of the band and their enduring legacy in the world of rock music.