The Greatest “Live” Rock Artist Of The ’70s

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Some Say That The 70s Was The Definitive Era Of Rock

It’s hard to discount the 60’s when we talk about rock n’ roll’s definitive era, but the 70s was a superior one, it’s definitive but was indeed a great decade of rock n’ roll.

Some of the greatest live performances were from the 70s, and most of these bands defined what would have become the classic rock.


Yes – Close To The Edge (1972)

The greatest show on earth ladies and gentlemen and YES was a gift to humanity.

Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains The Same Concert, Live At Madison Square Garden, New York, 1973

The legends that can play live songs even better than their studio.


Boston – More Than A Feeling (1979)

What we wouldn’t give just to go back to that time.


Kansas – Death Of Mother Nature Suite (1973)

Even though it was just a bootleg, it was indeed an exceptional performance and recording of this song.


The Moody Blues – Gypsy (1970)

The way rock n’ roll meant to be. The Moody Blues will surely speak to your soul using their music.


Bruce Springsteen – Spirit in the Night (1973)

He was one of the most important new rock artists during those time, and he didn’t disappoint, this performance was indeed one of a kind.


Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion (1977)

The studio version can give you chills but even more on this performance.


The Who – My Generation (Charlton 1974)

This was indeed one of the best and most aggressive performances of this song.


Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (A Night At The Odeon – Hammersmith 1975)

The only wish rock fans ever had was that Freddie never been dead at all.


Pink Floyd -“Echoes” Pompeii (1971)

Live performances are always better without an audience to watch, and no one can do it better than Pink Floyd.