The Greatest Songs From Robert Plant’s Solo Career

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What Would You Do If You Were Once A Frontman For A Legendary Band?

Robert Plant, after fronting Led Zeppelin went to pursue a solo career, it wasn’t for his ego, nor creative differences but due to Bonham’s death, his lifelong friend.

When he pursued a solo career, he managed to continue his legacy by creating more music.

Below are some of his Greatest Songs from his journey as a solo artist:

10. “Tall Cool One”

One of his hauntingly beautiful solo stuff.

9. “Burning Down One Side”

Back when music was good.

8. “Angel Dance”

He just showed in this song that he’s like a fine wine, just gets better with age.

7. “In The Mood”

Two legends are on this song, Phil Collins’ on the drums.

6. “Pocketful Of Golden”

Man, this song makes Plant look like a God.

5. “Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)”

Featuring Alison Krauss, and they matched voices pretty damn good.

4. “The May Queen”

Plant is giving you a warm hug with this song.

3. “Rich Woman”

This will make you wanna dance.

2. “Rainbow”

This is perfect! He still definitely got it.

1. “Shine It All Around”

One of the best songs of all time despite it not being a Led Zep piece!