The Last Song Tom Petty Performed Before His Death

via @tompetty | YouTube

Have you ever thought about your final words to the world before you pass away? Although considering the certainty of dying is somewhat grim, it is a normal human behavior. We shall undoubtedly utter our last remarks one day, just as we did when we said our first ones.

The rock ‘n’ roll music industry was rocked to its foundation when Tom Petty passed away back in 2017. Nearly five years after his departure, his memory has not yet faded. The announcement of his death struck as a sudden and heartbreaking blow to all those who committed their aching souls to his immortal music.

Although it’s unknown what Tom Petty’s dying words to those dearest to him were, the ones he spoke to a throng of loyal followers that evening in Los Angeles were all too apparent to everyone in attendance. They arrived in the shape of a song, one that Petty fans could undoubtedly sing along to word for word with no difficulty.


One week before he passed away, on September 25, 2017, Tom Petty went on stage with his band, the Heartbreakers, and gave his farewell performance in front of a packed house at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. As per Exclusive Radio, the concert marked the conclusion of his group’s reunion tour, and to put it all to a conclusion, he and his bandmates performed their 1976 hit song “American Girl” with thundering intensity.

Petty and his band had three sold-out shows booked that week in LA, and this one was one of them. Sadly, nobody present that evening was aware of what was ahead. Petty was discovered unresponsive at his house on the evening of October 1, 2017, and was taken to the hospital. Petty was taken off life support on October 2 even though he still had a heartbeat and no longer had any activity in the brain, according to Billboard. Later, it was discovered that he had accidentally overdosed on drugs. He had taken a deadly quantity of fentanyl along with other prescribed drugs, according to NBC News, to manage the extreme pain brought on principally by a broken hip. Age-wise, he was 66.

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