The Love Triangles That Band Members Fought Over

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Rock bands are a close-knit group of people by nature, if not by purpose. A musical group, which often consists of just three, four, or five persons, offers a specific form of closeness based on friendship and a common creative interest. If it is successful, it may be a source of lucrative renown and stable income in addition to becoming a type of labor. Both bands and the interpersonal connections among their members change throughout time. Bands may permanently split apart, temporarily fracture, or simply weather a very difficult personal storm as a result of disagreements and conflict that occur with growing.


After Splitting from Joey Ramone, Linda Ramone Wed Johnny Ramone

Billboard reports that after Joey dated Linda for more than two years, she left him to pursue Johnny, eventually getting married to him, and adopting the name Linda Ramone. The two refused to speak to one another after that and to sit close to one another in the band’s tour van, as Marky recalled in his biography.


Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, and Joni Mitchell

At one of the Hollies’ final performances, Mitchell and Graham Nash got to know one another. Mitchell and Crosby drifted apart when Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young merged. When Crosby reconnected with an old flame, Michell was so enraged that she penned the breakup song “That Song About the Midway” and sang it in front of Crosby and many other musicians at a party at Peter Tork of the Monkees’ house. Soon later, Mitchell reunited with Nash at a gathering thrown by Crosby. When Mitchell and Nash moved in together, he composed the CSNY song “Our House” about it, and she allegedly told him, “Come to my house and I’ll take care of you.”


Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Rita Coolidge

Graham Nash, who was Stills’ bandmate at the time, also hung around the studio, and he and Coolidge casually spoke in between takes. The following night’s CSNY performance would be going place, and Nash encouraged her to attend. Nash requested that Coolidge phone him the day before the show to finalize the arrangements while he was staying with Stills. When she did, Stills responded and informed her that Nash was suddenly unable to go; he would instead be escorting her to the performance.

They started dating, but things got bumpy. After some time, Coolidge called Nash and found out that Stills had swooped in to steal the performance date. Stills, who was sleeping at a hotel, scribbled “Love Rita” on the bathroom mirror and took potentially fatal amounts of drugs, which put him in the hospital after Coolidge and Stills broke up and she started meeting Nash in public. After Stills had recovered, Coolidge and Nash visited him at home.

As Coolidge wrote, “He just came out swinging … Somebody separated them and pulled Stephen off.”


Love Affair Between Mick Fleetwood’s Wife and His Fleetwood Mac Bandmate

Fleetwood Mac was a member of the British blues band scene before settling on the soft-rock sound that would inspire many albums and become a defining element of music in the ’70s. According to AllMusic, it was established in the late 1960s by its namesake bassist John McVie and drummer Mick Fleetwood. In its early years, the band had a number of guitarists, eventually choosing Bob Weston for the 1973 album “Penguin.”

Model Jenny Boyd, sister of model Pattie Boyd, and Fleetwood were married in 1970, claims Cosmic Magazine. When Pattie Boyd married George Harrison of the Beatles but later divorced him for his close friend Eric Clapton, she created her own love triangle.

Fleetwood and Jenny Boyd had a child, but Jenny Boyd was unhappy and unsatisfied since the drummer was so obsessed with his traveling and recording schedule and excessive cocaine usage. Boyd started an adulterous relationship with Bob Weston, a member of her husband’s band, in addition to addressing her own drug difficulties. Fleetwood sacked Weston from Fleetwood Mac after learning about the liaison, according to The Guardian. Later, Jenny Boyd ended her relationship with Weston and made an effort to save her marriage. They would finally get married, divorce, and get married again before the end of the ’70s.


Along with Another Fleetwood Mac Member, Stevie Nicks Walked out onto Lindsey Buckingham

When Fleetwood Mac, a blues-rock band, decided to reinvent itself as a radio-friendly pop-rock group in the middle of the 1970s, Mick Fleetwood and Jenny Boyd were still wed. To do this, they hired the romantically involved duo Buckingham Nicks, which consisted of guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and singer Stevie Nicks. The self-titled album released by the new Fleetwood Mac in 1975 sold seven million copies (according to the RIAA), bringing fame and money as well as pressure and the weight of expectation for their follow-up. The following album, “Rumours,” released in 1977, would sell 20 million copies and rank among the best-selling LPs of all time. According to Billboard, a lot of its tracks are about the romantic offenses that the Fleetwood Mac members committed against one another when they were recording “Rumours.”

Buckingham and Nicks had already broken up by the time the band posed for the Rolling Stone cover in March 1977. Nicks declined to snooze close to Buckingham in the illustration, which showed the trio sprawled out on a bed. Nicks remarked, “So I curl up next to Mick for the next three hours.” She and Buckingham reunited after the session.

“We lay there for about two hours talking and making out,” Nicks explained. But it didn’t stay that long. Nicks and Fleetwood had a fleeting affair in 1978 during a break in their tour because they were drawn to one another.


Anita Pallenberg Dated Brian Jones and Had Children with a Different Rolling Stones Bandmate

When the Rolling Stones were forming in the early 1960s, Brian Jones and Keith Richards employed a double rhythm guitar attack, which resulted in the band’s recognizable hard rock-meets-R&B-meets-blues sound. Jones and Richards found that in addition to playing the same instrument on the same melodies in the same manner, they had comparable preferences in love relationships.

Early in the 1960s, Anita Pallenberg, a 22-year-old Italian model, scheduled a job close to Munich, Germany, and her photographer advised her to check out a live performance by an up-and-coming band. She met Jones at the concert and the two of them bonded through hash use. That band was the Rolling Stones. Later, when Pallenberg toured with the guitarist and the Rolling Stones, they all engaged in LSD consumption. Jones was prone to having drug-induced waking nightmares and experienced violence in Morocco:

Brian got sick and ended up in hospital. He had asthma,” Pallenberg said. “So Keith and I drove on and left him there, and that was when we had a physical relationship.”

That encounter developed into a roughly 15-year partnership that gave birth to two kids. The Rolling Stones sacked Jones around the time Pallenberg replaced him with Richards because of a chronic drug habit and several arrests, as mentioned by Far Out. In 1969, Jones was found unresponsive in his swimming pool a year later.


The Complex Love Lives of the the Mamas and the Papas

The Mamas and the Papas were a successful singing group in the 1960s. Their songs, such as “Monday Monday” and “California Dreamin’,” were counterculture era classics and continue to be played on oldies radio today because to the four members’ strong vocals and tight harmonies (via Biography). Although the Mamas and the Papas’ music was soothing, tender, and comforting, the band’s internal dynamics were disorganized and devastating.

“Papa John” Phillips left his wife Sue for Holly Michelle Gilliam very early in the band’s history. He was almost 30 and she was 17, according to Vanity Fair. The youngster was married by Phillips, who also welcomed her into his singing group, where she adopted the moniker “Mama Michelle” Phillips. While this was happening, the other half of the group was filled with amorous thoughts. According to CNN, “Mama Cass” Elliot had a tremendous crush on “Papa Denny” Doherty but the latter preferred “Mama Michelle,” who chose to have an adulterous relationship with her bandmate. Then, Elliot approached Philips fiercely about her relationship with the man she liked.