“The Monkees”- Peter Tork’s Funniest Moments From The Show

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A Look Back On Peter Tork’s Funniest Moments

Today, the world lost a legendary talent with the death of The Monkees’ Peter Tork, who passed away from unknown causes at the age of 77.

Throughout the 60s, this brilliant musician left us in stitches during his time on The Monkees’ hit television show as the scatterbrained but lovable keyboard player and bassist, and while Peter’s talent as a musician was second to none, his comedic timing and genuine likability cannot be overstated.

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The REAL Peter Tork (Official) / Facebook

Fun Fact: Peter Tork wasn’t just a musician and songwriter – not by a long shot.

Following his 1968 exit from The Monkees, Tork taught at Pacific Hills School in Santa Monica for a year and a half. Overall, he dedicated a total of three years to teaching Santa Monica’s youth music, social studies, math, French and history at a number of schools, and still didn’t stop there; he even coached baseball!

As funny as he was criminally talented, we could always count on Peter to make us laugh every week with ridiculous, over the top and cleverly timed running gags that always seemed to fit perfectly in any situation.

Whether it was his collection of funny voices, playing along with whatever scheme his bandmates cooked up, or joining them in in Benny Hill style wild goose chases to songs like “Auntie Griselda,” sung by Peter himself in a delightfully bored voice, it’s pretty clear that more than 50 years on, both Peter and The Monkees are as iconic and beloved as the music they fought so hard to be recognized for.

Remember this once in a lifetime talent today with this fun collection of all the times Peter Tork made us laugh!