The Moody Blues | The 5 Songs To Summarize The Album “On The Threshold Of A Dream”

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The Moody Blues put aside the arsenal of instruments and experimentation of the overloaded ‘In Search’ and take a much simpler approach on their next album, although from here until the end of their glory days the group did not change their winning formula, maintaining that itself a high quality.

The Moody Blues advantage than other groups was having four composers of a similar level, thus avoiding concentrating the weight on a single member. Thus, the album walks through different styles and where ballads, rocker numbers, and contagious pop melodies coexist, all on an even level and where the only things that are leftover as always are the poems of Graeme Edge.

Lovely To See You

Moody Blues fan-favorite song on the album. The group often plays the song as their concert opener. It has great guitars and vocals!


Send Me No Wine

A reminiscing sounding that reminds you of one of the group’s best work, Days Of Future Passed. It’s haunting and jaunty at the same time.


Never Comes The Day

One of Justin’s greatest work, but it’s hard to understand due to it being complexly written, it’s pretty difficult to grasp what the band was singing about.


Lazy Day

An interesting quaint song and its writing pattern just define how Ray was a genius of a songwriter! Every line gets under your skin.


The Voyage

The progressive adventure of “The Voyage”, all courtesy of Mike Pinder, who brought all that mysticism and exoticism so fashionable at the time, and that gives a plus to the group’s music.