The One Album That Featured All Four Beatles Post-Breakup

via @Thomaida Kotsali | Youtube

The breakup of The Beatles remains a monumental moment in rock history, leaving fans to ponder what could have been. Despite the rift, the Fab Four occasionally reunited, and there’s one album that featured all four Beatles post-breakup.

As the band members ventured into solo careers, the business disputes of Allen Klein and growing creative tensions pulled them apart.

Still, they couldn’t resist the occasional jam session. John Lennon’s first solo album, “Plastic Ono Band,” featured Ringo Starr on drums, forming a trio with bassist Klaus Voorman. Lennon later reunited with George Harrison on his “Imagine” album, but Paul McCartney was conspicuously absent, following their public spat.

McCartney, on the other hand, chose to carve his own path with his wife Linda, creating memorable songs on albums like “RAM” and forming Wings. While he enjoyed collaboration again, McCartney rarely enlisted his former bandmates, only occasionally working with Starr in the 1980s.

George Harrison emerged as a successful solo artist with hits like “My Sweet Lord” and his double album, “All Things Must Pass.”

The album featured jams the Beatles had played together outside of fully developed songs, a testament to their musical chemistry.

Ringo Starr, known for his amiable presence, continued making music, often providing levity to his tracks. His album “Ringo” marked a unique moment as the only Beatles solo album to feature contributions from all four members. George Harrison played guitar on the hit single “Photograph,” while John Lennon co-wrote and sang on “I’m the Greatest,” a cheeky ode to Starr’s skills. McCartney contributed by overseeing arrangements and playing piano on “Six O’Clock” and even played a kazoo solo on “You’re Sixteen.”