The Paul McCartney Song Inspired By The Covid Pandemic

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In the midst of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, legendary musician Paul McCartney found inspiration in the uncertain times, crafting a song that encapsulates the anxieties and challenges faced by people worldwide. McCartney’s pandemic-inspired creation, “Find My Way,” delves into the complexities of anxiety during the lockdown period, offering listeners a glimpse into the emotions experienced during those trying days.

In a candid interview with Uncut in 2020, McCartney shared insights about the origins of “Find My Way.” Reflecting on the early days of the lockdown, he revealed,

“That was written at the beginning of lockdown. It was a very scary time.”

The song, released in December 2020, struck a chord with audiences, resonating with the universal fears and uncertainties that prevailed during the height of the pandemic.

Despite its origins in a period of fear and uncertainty, “Find My Way” carries an upbeat, funky instrumental vibe that might surprise listeners expecting a somber tone. This unexpected collaboration between McCartney and 1990s rock icon Beck resulted in a track that mirrors Beck’s distinctive style more than McCartney’s traditional sound, showcasing the versatility of the music industry icon.


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During the same interview, McCartney candidly discussed his own insecurities, providing a glimpse into the vulnerabilities that even a global icon can experience.

“I wish I knew I was Paul McCartney; it would be so much easier,” he admitted.

He emphasized the shared human experience of self-doubt, stating,

“Everyone has this ‘Should I? Shouldn’t I?’ Even the biggest braggarts, guys who you would think would never worry about a thing, when you get to know them a bit more, you realize they’re just like the rest of us. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s life, isn’t it?”

Despite not making a significant impact on the pop charts, “Find My Way” served as the debut single from McCartney’s album McCartney III, a sequel to his earlier solo works.

The song didn’t chart on the Billboard Hot 100, highlighting the changing dynamics of the music industry where albums often overshadow individual singles. However, McCartney III performed exceptionally well, reaching No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and staying there for four weeks. In the United Kingdom, the song didn’t chart, but the album managed to clinch the No. 1 spot for a week and remained on the chart for three weeks.

“Find My Way,” though not a chart-topping hit, exemplified McCartney’s ability to infuse contemporary issues into his music, demonstrating his enduring relevance and deep connection with the ever-changing world. McCartney’s ability to channel the collective emotions of a challenging period into his work reaffirms his status as a timeless musical icon.