The Principle of AC/DC According To Angus Young

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AC/DC stood apart from other bands in the music industry as they chose to maintain their original sound and not adapt to changing musical trends. The band was formed by Angus, Malcolm and George Young, with George producing their early work. Their consistency and refusal to change allowed them to become one of the pioneers of hard rock and maintain their legacy. This was helped by George Young, who played a key role in the success of the band with his musical abilities.

In a 2021 interview with Rolling Stone, Angus Young was queried by interviewer Kory Grow about the recurring criticism that AC/DC made the same albums. Young replied that this was a result of the band maintaining their sound and not changing over time, a sentiment echoed by Malcolm. He also recollected his brother George cautioning him that following trends would be detrimental to the band’s identity. Angus emphasized that AC/DC’s consistent sound was deliberate, as they were committed to preserving their distinctive style.

“Malcolm used to say, ‘Yeah, well, they said we sound the same because we’re the same band. That’s what we are.’ We never aimed to be going into territory that was not ours. And Malcolm always used to say, ‘Look, we get them somewhere. We might get them in the early years before they go to college and head off to Pink Floyd or something [laughs]. But we get them young.’”

During the interview, Young was further asked about George’s stance on adapting to changing trends in the music industry.

“Yeah. He said conforming is the kiss of death. He always said it was the kiss of death for any of the great bands. No one likes to see them come out and start changing who they are and trying to be something they’re not. So he always said, ‘When you’re playing live, it’s so powerful. And the art is to get that power on a record and do it justice.’”

George Young, as producer during AC/DC’s early years, advised the band not to conform to musical trends. He believed that changing who they were would be detrimental to the success of the band. Thus, AC/DC has stayed true to their original style and essence, largely due to George’s guidance.