The Real Story Behind Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison’s Relationship

via Daniel Sarkissian / Youtube

In July 1968, Mick travelled to Los Angeles particularly to meet with Jim Morrison and ask him how to be a better performer.

What did Mick learn from that encounter?

By chance, Jimmy Miller and The Rolling Stones had also scheduled sessions at Sunset Sound for BEGGARS BANQUET processing and mixdown throughout the month of July 1968. Mick Jagger felt like a jerk when they all gathered at Heathrow and he had to admit he was merely travelling to Los Angeles. to seek advise from Jim Morrison and was clueless that the band intended to complete their record there as well. “What a stupid ass,” muttered Jagger, vowing to ask Jim Morrison how he kept track of recording sessions the next time he saw him.

Mick, who was older and more experienced than Jim, traveled all the way from England to be educated.

But Jim couldn’t be concerned to go out of his way, so he just did it as unobtrusively as professionally as he could.

The Stones are obsessed with notoriety and the spotlight, and Jim is inevitably at the helm. Both The Stones and Led Zeppelin were envious of his contagious stunning looks and magnetism, but he seemed more like progressively undermining the group after experiencing it to the fullest.

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