The Rockstars That Really Lived The Rockstar Life

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Rumors Or True?

As much as we want to believe everything about them, most of these rumors about these rock stars are completely real (or just a bit exaggerated). All the narcotics, sex, and especially the rock n’ roll music — it’s not surprising anymore that all of these happened.

Don’t get shocked — despite it being 100% real some were just a bit exaggerated, but aren’t made up after all. Rumors will always be rumors, even if they are true. It’s on us whether we believe them or not.

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Bill Wyman Rolling Stones’ Bassist Fell In Love For a 13-Year-Old

It’s not surprising that Bill Wyman, being a Rock Star had more than his share of relationships but a 13-year old, that’s a bit off.


David Bowie and Mick Jagger Slept Together

We all know that David Bowie was one of the most sound homosexual musicians out there, so it’s no surprise if he would sleep with one of rock’s icon. Both were Rock Stars and living a rock star life by sharing a bed.


Steven Tyler Adopted a Girl Just To Date Her

Steven Tyler was always known for having a knack with beautiful women, but that’s just out of the line. Adopt her, groom her, then date her, what were you thinking Steven!


Keith Richards Doesn’t Sleep

He stayed up for nine days straight which ended up in an injury.